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A home is not just a place to live in, it is a space where people find their comfort. For most of us, our home is the best place in the world. The way you decorate it speaks a lot about your personality. Decorating a home does not mean stuffing it with all the décor items you find in your way, rather it simply means enhancing the beauty of the space to make it aesthetically pleasing and functionally correct at the same time. A properly decorated house caters different lifestyle needs of an individual efficiently. Whether you have a small cosy house or a big mansion, correct choice of wall colours and proper placement of decorates set the mood right so that you can be yourself in your special place.

Having a well styled home can be a passion for some but for many it has become a way to mark their social status. To show off their social standing, people don’t hesitate to spend a large amount on luxury interiors. The increasing trend of luxury living has led to demand for high-end decorative items and artefacts to adorn the home.

When designing a home, every room, corner and little space is important. Having a welcoming living room is as important as having a beautiful and relaxing bedroom. Even gardens also play an important role in adding beauty to a home. With new and innovative ideas flooding the interior designing industry every day, there are many options in the market to design a space with gorgeous and attractive decorative items. Whether you plan to decorate your home on your own or looking for an interior decorator to hand over this responsibility, here are some of the items you should include in your home décor list.


Wall Mirrors

Wall mirror are used not just in bathrooms and bedrooms but also in living rooms and lobbies to enhance their look and add a different dimension to their appearance. They come in various shapes and sizes from round mirror to oval shape and rectangular wall mirror. You can choose them according to the theme of your home. Some may give royal touch to your home while others just reflect your contemporary thinking; some may have intricate frame design while others with simple iron frame. Hang them anywhere and let them mirror your personality.



Vases are an integral part of any home and they should unforgettably be included in your home décor list. There are unending options for vases: ceramic vase, glass vase, wooden vase, clay vase, iron and other metal vase in all shapes and sizes. You may keep them in the corner of your home or place them on the centre table of living room, team it up with other décor items or place it solo; it is going to adorn that place and the whole room. The versatility of vases make them blend so well with every part of a room.


Table Lamps

Having a table lamp not just serves the purpose but also multiplies the beauty of that space. Fill your rooms with light oozing out of these electric lamps. They will light up your home at night and will be the perfect room decorating piece in the day. They may come as surprise to your home decorating plan. They are available in market in various shapes and sizes and can definitely add to your style statement. It’s up to you to go for wooden table lamp or stone-figured lamp; they will brighten up your space and fill it with such warmth that your guest will love them no matter what.


Decorative Bowls

Including decorative bowls in your home are perfect way to establish yourself as the smart home decorator. Place them anywhere, on the wooden table at the corner of living room, on the glass centre table, on the dining table or on the table placed at the porch; they will look beautiful anywhere. These decorative bowls comes in various materials like glass, wooden, ceramic, clay or iron. While decorative glass bowls will be perfect for a contemporary home decorating plan, wooden bowls will match the farmhouse and natural theme and rustic iron bowls will give you feel of Iron Age.



No matter how costly antiques are, people love to include them in their home as they have become a status symbol. They instantly take you to medieval time or Iron Age and can change the look and feel of the whole space. Including the treasure of antiques will surely give you chance to score many points. And not to forget they will earn you praise for your unique choice.



Room Fragrance

A scented room sets a good mood for all the right work. So always choose elements that will keep your home scented whether it is for your living room or bedroom or bathroom. Have a pot of scented flowers or put them in a vase, use incense stick or place some scented candles, anything can be used. Just make sure that they are not too strong to cause you headache.


Gardens Accessories

Whether you have set your small garden in the balcony of your flat, or have terrace garden or own a big stretch of courtyard, decorating it correctly so it takes you close to nature is important. Your garden should follow the same theme as your home. If you have adopted natural theme for your home, use decorative garden items of wood and clay but if you plan to give ancient touch to home then use forged iron hardware items. They will complete the look of a rustic themed home.


Final Thoughts

These are just some suggestions that you can follow while decorating your home. A home should always be welcoming and a lot of it depends on how you decorate it. A well decorated home breathes life into four-walled space. It should make you and your guest feel comfort. So choose your decorative items smartly.

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