About us

‘Home is where the heart is’" , sang Elvis, and who are we to disagree. When our founder along with his core team was trying to set up a modern hardware store other than the conventional way business was conducted, they spent a lot of effort trying to get quality Architectural hardware, sanitary ware, Bathroom Fittings, Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes, Kitchen Accessories, Artifacts, Home Décor & Garden Accessories. Conversations with friends gave one clear message – there is a big need for good quality, well-designed, competitively priced and dependable products. Indian home-makers are looking for a solution that could help them make beautiful homes, without too much hassle. Wondering if there could be a better solution, the founder along with his core team spent close to 10 months understanding the very basics of the elite Architectural hardware and home décor space, from the raw materials stage through the entire procurement and delivery process. After some intense planning, trials and discussions with the best manufacturers across India and the world, and hundreds of consumer interviews, the founder along with his core team narrowed down on a solution that could get distinctive products well at prices that consumers would find practical. And thus was born the journey of “thehome”. We present to you our solution which we will strive to improve every single day of our lives. Our vision is to set global benchmarks for distinctive products, consumer experiences and honest best practices. Our Values - Customer Delight : We will consistently strive to ensure that our customers are delighted at the end of every little interaction with us. We are all ears to any feedback that can help improve every interaction. - Honesty and transparency : What we know and what we do is out there. We place a premium on sharing information honestly with all stakeholders. - Excellence in every small thing we do : We indulge in attention to detail at every step of our journey. Hundreds of such small steps ensure that every customer gets great products and great service.


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