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A home is a reflection of one’s personality. The way you maintain it, the way you decorate it, somewhere mirrors the inner you. People are aware of this and that is why they don’t hesitate to spend money on luxurious home décors and interior items. At The Home, we have a great collection of statement home decorating items that are sure to give lift to an otherwise ordinary house or if your home is already stylish then they will just match the rhythm. Add a totally different twist to your home décor plan by including the unique and precious master pieces present at our shop.

For some, decorating their home might be a passion and something they enjoy doing while for others it may just be a way to flaunt their social status. Whatever may be the reason, a home should always be decorated to make it a special space. We, at The Home, strive to make homes beautiful and classy and for that we have brought premium collection of outstanding home décors in all ranges for each and every corner of your home. This is a one stop shop Nagpur is hosting for all the luxurious interiors you dream to have in your home.

With innovative concepts and ideas flooding the interior designing world, it is necessary to keep up with the latest trends and styles. While including any item in our home décor shop, we keep in mind the ever growing high-end demands of people. To maintain our stature in the market, we keep only premium quality products made of good quality raw material. The Home Nagpur brings all type of décor from wall mirrors to centre pieces, lamps, vases and stools for all size of rooms be it small lobbies or large living room.

While new and creative ideas are being explored by interior decorators, home decoration has become an art and we are here to help you excel in this art by presenting our motley collection of décor pieces. Have a look at the specialty of some of our collection.



We have an exclusive range of mirrors for living room, bathroom and bedroom. These mirrors will aptly show the sophistication you carry in your style. They come in all shapes and sizes. The Home Nagpur team have thoughtfully included these mirrors; some have classic royal touch to their design while others show your modern thinking, some have simple but elegant frame while others have intricate embellishment on the border. These mirrors apart from serving their usual purpose will also become the best decorating piece in your home and will surely earn you some praise for your unique choice. Mirrors are available at various prices so be sure to get the one in your budget.


Candle Stands

The Home brings a unique collection of candle stands and candle holder which you can use to oomph the style statement of your house. These purpose oriented pieces are highly decorative and come at very affordable prices and can come as surprising home décor for you. They come in different materials like glass, metal and wood. Place it anywhere, on a wooden table at the corner of your bedroom or on the dining table to enjoy candle light dinner, they will adorn that place many times.



The collection of antiques will confuse you as which one to buy because all of them are unique and eye-catching. They are typically made of wood, jade, metal and other materials. Whether you buy the Chinese lantern or the one door cabinet which has fine design and catchy color or the stone figure table lamp, they all blend so well with any color scheme of room and with any textured wall to only enhance their look. This compilation of antique items includes several different room decorating pieces in various shapes and sizes that you will never find anywhere. Add them to your home décor list and make some eyeballs turn to them.



 You will not find the same collection of vases that we have anywhere else; all of them are made of different materials, different shapes and sizes and have very unique colours. Some of these vases are made of metal and are well polished and have shining while others are made of glass and reflect the modern art. The flower vases which are made of iron will take you back to royal time and will give an ancient feel to your home. The vast collection suits different themes of homes perfectly.


Table Lamps

The Home Nagpur presents a unique range of table lamps, the one that you have never seen before. From stone figure lamp to round wooden lamp, each and every lamp will decorate your home and will brighten the space with such intensity that you will just love the warmth feeling it brings. You will find so many different types of lamp designs that you might never have even thought of. Buy any of them and take pride in having the most unique choice.




There is a good mix of other decorative items which include shining bowls to give royal touch to your home, marble studded T-light holder in different beautiful shapes, canisters made of different materials and colours in many unique prints, book end set made of wood and stone having gorgeous leaf and star embossed, intricately designed wall brackets taking you back to medieval era, hanging lamps with differently shaped pendants in so many colours ranging from white to metallic and black that will brighten up your room with much light and lastly hand forged iron hardware that will give your home an ancient feel. All these items together make up a good collection of random items to include as home décor to oomph your style statement and grab some eye-balls.

While a home should be comforting and relaxing, it should definitely not be dull. So liven up your home with these beautiful home decorating pieces available at The Home Nagpur to add some drama to your walls and rooms.

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